A huge thank you to the whole team who support Jenifer because the care you provide is person-centred and your approach is skilled which is crucial to her support!

G.L. - March 2024

Thank you APC for good care and support given to my Dad.

Your carers do an excellent job looking after my dad.

A.F. - March 2024

This is convey our thanks to all the carers who support S.J. we have been very happy and the care and support given by all the dedicated team is greatly appreciated.

W.J. - March 2024

To say thank you to all the care and support given to me, without the lovely carers who come to support me every day, I would not been able to manage living at home.

Also good care given to my service dog.

N.H. - March 2024

Thank you to all at APC Care for looking after D.P. during his time at home and also extending help and support to our mum.

T.C. & family - March 2024

This is to say a big thank you to all your carers who look after me.

They take me to my hospital appointments and wait with me the whole time.

Could not have done it without your help.

B.K. - March 2024

This is to say a big thank you to the lovely carers who come to help my Dad

I know he is stubborn but does enjoy and like all your carers visiting and supporting him.

Thank you for the management who has dealt with matters so quickly that my dad got to be seen by the OT and equipment supplied.

A.F. - August 2023

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the effort and attention that you exercised to ensure that my mother is safe and comfortable. Certainly, this often went beyond what had been originally contracted. If there was a problem, you always made contact and immediately made me aware of any care concerns that had manifested. This was much appreciated.

Sarah - August 2023

Dear Mrs.G. and kyle

I don’t know how I could have managed without your care workers. Not only do they care for me they do help my mum when she visits to see me. Every one of them are total professional, caring and kind and completely trustworthy. I feel complete confidence in the care they give me.

Thank you.

N.H. - July 2023

What an extraordinary bunch of carers you have K.H. and Mrs.G.

Always willing to help nothing is too much to help me.

D.P. & T.C. - July 2023

This is to say a big thank you to all your carers who look after me.

Very happy with the level of service given by the managers too.

Like seeing their happy and smiley faces.

B.K. - July 2023

Dear Kyle,

Alex and all the staff at APC We can’t begin to express our gratitude for all the amazing care and support given to my Mum and our family over the last few months. Each and every one of your team have been amazing and we couldn’t have got through these last few months without you all. We couldn’t have asked for more, the caring, supportive and responsiveness of you and your team were amazing.

Thank you so much!

B.S. - April 2023

Dear APC , thank you for acting swiftly and helping Dad with emergency services to get Dad sorted. We are very grateful for your help. Dad is getting better and will be discharged home and we are hoping to have more support from you.

A.F. - April 2023

Dear APC this is to say thank you for lovely support given to me and it is always lovely to see your carers who really make my day.

J.S. - March 2023

Dear Mrs.G. and Kyle

This is to say a big thank you and your team who help me through each day, without their help. It would be impossible for me to manage. Please convey my sincere gratitude to all the lovely carers who come to help me.

N.H. - March 2023

Dear APC

To say a big thank you for all your support and kindness given to P.C. and D.P.

C.C. - January/February 2023

Dear APC

Thanks to the carers who come and help me, without their help, I could not have managed.

B.K. - January/February 2023

Dear Mrs.G.

I am very happy with the carers who come and give me support. They are all very good and excellent.

Thank you.

N.H. - January/February 2023


To say thank you and all the wonderful care given to my daughter which is greatly appreciated.

T.B. & J.B. - January/ February 2023

Dear Mrs. G and team

This is to say a big thank you for all your team who come and help and support and look after me , day in and day out. Without your help, I don’t think, I could have coped.

Best wishes to you and your team.

J.S. & O.S. (NOK) - January/ February 2023

This is to thank you to all APC carers who supported our Dad and now my mum.

She is very happy with the kindness and care given by all of your Carers.

Mrs B. October 2022

We are very happy with the care and support given to our Dad, B.G. please convey our best wishes to all the office and support team.

S.G. October 2022

Dear V.G.

This is to let you know that my mum, has been very happy with the care and support given to her, without APC.

We would have struggled to keep mum at home.

O.S. October 2022

Thank you to all lovely Carers who come to help me and really appreciate the level of support that your Carers give me.

I am really happy.

N.H. September 2022

Thank you for helping my dad when mum went to the care home.

He was lonely and your carers have been very kind, understanding and support his independence, so he can continue to live at his home. Please convey our gratitude to all your office and care team.


R.N. August 2022

We have been supported by the excellent team at APC Care for many months now.

Mum is very ill and my dad is her primary carer. He was on his knees or worse. Our decision to appoint APC Care has transformed my parents’ lives. Mum is now taken care of three times a day, seven days a week by two carers who really do care. They have a night sitter twice. It has been transformational.

The office team are also kind and caring. They are always professional in how they provide the service. They do all they can to be flexible and responsive. The whole team’s care was demonstrated recently when the family needed extra support and advice when mum was referred to the hospital. The carers had spotted a problem, told the office, they had contacted the GP, the GP attended and made a hospital referral. Throughout the 14 hour wait for the ambulance and the problems with the hospitals the team supported the family the weekend and beyond with advice and visits in a way that eased a stressful situation

P.F. (son and NOK) August 2022

Kyle and team

Thank you for all your carers who visit my parents, they are well cared for and supported.

This has made them so happy and cheerful. Please convey our thanks to all your carers.

S.C. July 2022

Dear Mrs. G. Kyle and team

I am so fortunate to have your team and carers who come to support me and look after me. At times, I can be difficult. I do appreciate all their help.

Thank you and so glad I found your company.

J.F. July 2022

Thank you for all my Carers who visit me and look after me. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

L.L. June 2022

Thank you to all your team and Carers who are always on time and support my mum and Dad.

Without APC help, this would not been possible.

P.F. June 2022

Hello APC and team

This is to let you know we are ever so grateful for your help for our mum and the standard of care and kindness , this is what makes my mum happy and would like to live at home and treated with respect, kindness and personal centred.

Thank you.

O.S. May 2022

This is to say what an excellent bunch of carers who come to help me and look after.

Thank you.

B.K. May 2022

Dear Mrs.G and team

Just to say thank you and your team to support my wife, without your help, could not have got her home to be with me.

Take care of yourself.

S.H. (husband of the service user). April 2022

To Sophie and all at APC Care. 

This is to say a big thank you and to say our world has been transformed by the team from APC. 

By your help, there has been a dramatic reduction in the level of physical exhaustion experienced by my father, who has been a main carer for my mum. 

Many members of your team do what they can to offer Dad emotional support. 

Several members of the team have gone beyond and to help my family. 

In thinking about the members of your team, whilst it may seem invidious to make individual comments, I would say all of them have been excellent. 

Thank you for the care and diligence you all have shown to our family. 

P.F. & T.F and family. February 2022

Thank you for all your help and support to A.P. which is greatly appreciated. 

K.G. January 2022

To Sophie and all at APC Care. 

To say Thank you very much for all you have done for Dad.  The care he received is outstanding. 

Thanks and wishing you all the very Best. 

R.M. & M.M. January 2022

Dear APC

To say a big thank you to both the office and carers who have supported my mum, D.G.

Without your help, we do not know how we would have managed.

Have a good Christmas and Happy

L.W & family. December 2021

Thank you so much for excellent care & support given to J.P. and due to APC support he is able to manage and live at his home.

L.C. December 2021

Just to say thank you for all the lovely carers who visit my mum, D.M. without your help we would not have been able to keep mum in her home.

Merry Christmas

B.C. December 2021

Great team, helping my mum.

Thank you for your support, mum is much happier and looks forward to your carers.

B.C. August 2021

Thank you and your colleagues again, you really do have a lovely team there who are so caring and Sophie has been amazing from the very start and helped with A.P.  The transition from hospital to home life alone really wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without Sophie’s caring disposition and that of your team.

Thank you.

K.G. August 2021

Thank you so very much Mrs. G. and your team for supporting me and going extra mile.

Nothing is too much for your support workers.

D.K. August 2021

Dear Vyji, Georgia, Jordan & Jordan, Raphaela, Serena, Karen, Maria, Lacey, Caty-Ann, Antonio, Crystal, Angela, Daniel, Danielle Blue, Felix, Nicole, Alexandra, Alessandro, Jade, Hannah, Megan, Naomi, Claire, Maggie, Cecilia, Joanna, Jane, Kelly and anybody else who has cared for my Mum Constance Martin whom I have left out (sorry for that).

I wanted to put in writing just how much I appreciate your care for my Mum, whom you have been looking after since January last year 2020.

I wanted to tell you because so often carers just hear complaints instead of plaudits. Your care has been outstanding and faultless really, and I could not have coped without you all.

I didn’t realise that a care agency would actually do all the things you did – like contacting Mum’s GP and getting medication sorted and keeping such an acute eye on what was happening to Mum in her continually changing circumstances as her condition deteriorated. Your vigilance was remarkable!

It was also so lovely of Raphaela and Jordan to call round on Tuesday night to see how I was coping – that was really thoughtful and it did help me.

It was so hard for such a fiercely independent woman to accept care at first, and she was initially dead against it. She could be a little challenging at times, but you all handled Mum so well, knowing just how to approach her, and you became her friends – she loved your company and having a joke with you. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending APC Care to anyone wanting a first class care service for their loved ones. I hope you all manage to tuck into the assortment of goodies I have brought you as a token of my appreciation, and maybe remember Mum as you bite into a chocolate or two – as you know, she loved her sweet treats!

You Are All Absolute Stars!
I wish you all a happy and successful and life ahead whatever path you choose.
Very, Very Best Wishes


V.S. May 2021

To all the Staff of APC,

I would like to thank you all for your care, especially this last two events, which shocked us all! The carers who had found me were Jo, male Jordan & Lisa – in her first week! Poor woman what a shock!

The second time Maria + Dannielle who stayed really late at night, while all the ambulance did their bit!

Thank you all so much.

L.L. May 2021

Thanks for being you!

I cannot thank you all enough for being so kind and caring to my mother, you are so very special, so please please take care Don’s daughter.


C.C. May 2021

To all at APC,

Just a little note of Thank you for everything you do for our mom, which is greatly appreciated.

V.S. and C.M. Dec 2020

To all at APC CARE,

To my fantastic carers.

Thanks for all you do for me and Jazz.

You are all wonderful and I hope you have a great Christmas.

From D.P. & Jazz “ woff woff”. Dec 2020

To all Carers of APC Care,

Thank you all for excellent care given to T.M. which is greatly appreciated.

R.M. & T.M. Dec 2020

To all Staff at APC CARE,

Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Thank you all for your very good care.

Z.B. , D.B. & M.B. Dec 2020

To all at APC CARE,

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and happy new year.

Thank you so much for your excellent care this year and never take anything you do for granted.

Your are all very special

Lots of love

J.S. , O.S. & A.S. December 2020

Dear Mrs Gardner,

Without going into too much detail regarding medical matters, when we started using your services, my Mother, B.E. had a number of minor ailments which, in combination with more severe conditions left her needing a lot of attention.

District Nurses attended to her severe conditions, whilst your amazing Carers dealt with the minor ailments on top of attending to the needs of a 91 year old Woman with Dementia.

When the District Nurses reduced her severe conditions to a level where they did not need to attend, your Carers picked up where they left off and continued treatment on her skin.

Over a period of time your Carers attention resulted in her skin returning to near normal and needing less treatment.

Throughout the period of time your Carers looked after my Mother, their reports back to your Office and consequent contact with her GP amongst others greatly assisted her recovery.

My Mother’s decreasing needs are a testament to the professionalism of your whole Staff.

Thank you all.

R & J.E. September 2020

We have been lucky enough to have Wonderful Carers from A.P.C who have been there for us through this long journey
It has been a very difficult time with so many ups and downs and all our Carers kept our spirits up in the bad times and laughed with us in the good times. Please thank all them for us.


W.W & C.W. July 2020

My heartfelt thanks to all the Carers of APC and the office team who work behind the scenes for all you did for P.

He looked forward to the visits of his carers, whose good humour and patience helped make his last days comfortable and provided excellent service.

With all good wishes.

E.C. June 2020

I am writing to you today to express my absolute gratitude for the exceptional service my mum has received over this past few months. Knowing how much pressure social care is constantly working under, it took me along time to finally ring for support. I just didn’t know what to do or how to best support my mum who has multiple health issues and is becoming more frail with each passing week.

I first spoke with R. who was on the duty line the morning I rang. She was so calm , kind and reassuring offering me options I had not previously thought about. Ross explained how the process worked and advised that an assessment would be a good option where mum and I could be supported to look at the available options in more detail and find the most appropriate and safest for mum. R. also emailed me information regarding the topics we had discussed. I felt listened to and greatly reassured and confident that I had made the right decision.

My mums assessment followed approximately 2 weeks later with a wonderful social worker called Jac, was down to earth and approachable, we asked a load of questions which she patiently answered and never made us feel rushed. Both mum and I really enjoyed her sense of humour at what was and is still a challenging time for the family. Jac worked with kindness and great compassion for my mum and our situation. Jack also followed up with me as promised so I always felt that I knew what was happening and where we were in the process- this allayed a lot of anxiety and was truly appreciated.

We then had the pleasure of meeting Emma who arranged mums GPS and fall device- another lovely lady. So patient and concerned about mum and how best to support her.

Finally, we met K.F. and M.L. from APC Care who were also delightful and reassuring. The carer team started working with mum very soon after the meeting for which I am incredibly grateful especially in the current time.

In closing, I just want to say Thank you again to the wonderful team that have worked together to support my mum. Everyone we met has been an absolute credit to the organisations they work for.

Best regards,

B. C. (Daughter)

B.C. April 2020

To say thank you for the lovely support team who come to help P.C.

We are very pleased with the level of service given to us.

E.C. April 2020

This is to say how well I have been cared for by your Carers whom I see twice daily.

They make me feel confident  and happy.  They are all very kind to me and to my dog, Jazz.

Thank you very much.

D.P. March 2020

Excellent service given to my wife for the past few years.

Excellent office team and support workers.

P.M. March 2020

APC care, Thank You so much for your help and support, given to my mum by your support workers.

V.S. January 2020

We are very satisfied with the care and support given to me, all your carers have been excellent, kind and caring.

Thank you.

D.E. January 2020

The care is very good, excellent. Carers all have a cheery disposition. The best carers encourage my wife to move purposefully and to do as much for herself as possible. The Office team,  are very approachable and respond to requests very quickly. Concerns are acted upon and it is clear staff liaison happens. We have confidence in the carers and apc care . A difficult, stressful time for me, which is being made much easier than it might be.

Thank you APC Care.

P.M. December 2019

Kind and fantastic team of Carers who come and help me day in and out.  Without your support I would not be at home.

Thank you APC Care.

J.S. December 2019

Lovely support worker who cheered up my wife, V.M. and gave her excellent care needs.  Than you APC and please convey my gratitude to M.S.

A.M. December 2019

A big thank you for your Carers, APC for their kindness and excellent support given to me.

Special mention to A.T. and A.D.

Mr.J.H. December 2019

The family and I would like to extend our grateful thanks to the team at APC CARE , Eastbourne and Wealden, for the care they provided for our Mum in the last few months of her life. It is always hard to name particular individuals but Mum built up a close bond with her carers and they always lifted her moods. Everyone who came to the house was lovely.

K.H, I.H. LH. November 2019

Thank you all once again for excellent support given to me and continue to give me.

You are all wonderful.

C.C. & W.C. November 2019

We are very pleased with the standard of care given to my mum and all your support workers are very kind.

Thank you.

I.R. & L.R. November 2019

Thank you for all the carers who visit my mum and give excellent care and without your help, we would not be able to support mum at home.

D.K. November 2019

This is to say a big thank you Mrs.G and your team for extremely care and support given to M.W and

Extraordinary team of Carers that you have.  I am very pleased to have you all helping my husband.

Thank you.

W.W. September 2019

Thanks to J.L. for acting promptly and ringing the Doctors. We are so lucky to have a good team of people around my father.

A.D. September 2019

Thank you and your team, yet again excellent support given to my wife and me, during difficult times.

Don’t know what I would do without all your support, both from office and in the field.

Kind Regards


P.M. September 2019

APC CARE helped our family care for our loved one at home, we would never have been able to do this without them. They helped all of us, not just the client. Their support, kindness and care was invaluable.

APC care always attended every visit promptly and were extremely attentive to the care they were providing. Their high standards of care were always delivered with the client’s dignity in mind too. I have recommended this company to friends and believe this is one of the best caregiving companies out there.

S.B. September 2019

Thank you APC care for all the help and support given to my mum S.F. without your help and support it would have been very difficult.


W.F. - 28.06.19

Thank APC carers and office team for a superb care given to me.


M.H. - 27.6.19

Thank you for all the support and help given to my wife. C.M. we really appreciate without this I don’t think I would have been able to cope.


P.M. - 30.6.19

Thank you for your help APC Care. Really appreciate all your support and care when I needed.


D.K. - 02.7.19

Thank you for excellent care and support given to me .

Thank you for the patience of your carers who come in every day to help without their help it would have been difficult. Special mention to C.M. & L.P.

Mr & Mrs.B.D

Mr & Mrs B.D. - 01.07.19

Thank you all APC CARERS for the care given to A.S. while he was ill.

I was so grateful for the support you have given me since his passing away when I needed it so much.

While given A.S. sympathetic care, I enjoyed your staffs chats and advice after you finished looking after A.S.

Thank you all. Best wishes from J.S. & S.A. (wife and daughter of the A.S.)

J.S. & S.S. - 9.7.19

Good and Caring carers, of APC Care, who make it easy for me to manage at home.

Thank you.

B.P. - 14.1.19

Excellent care given to me and very cheerful bunch.

Thank you APC Care.

P.D. - 18.1.19

Thank you APC Care, for all the carers who visit me every day.

I could not do without their help.

J.M. - 20.01.19

The care given by all your Carers to my wife C.M. has always been excellent.  They encourage C.M. to move and do as much as possible.  The office team are very approachable and respond to requests very quickly.

Amy concerns I have is acted upon and it is clear staff liaison happens.  We have confidence in the carers and APC Care.

A big thank you.

P.M. & C.M. - 28.01.19

To everyone of APC Care.

Lots of love, we could not have coped without you all.  Thank you.

L.T & A.T. - 01/12/18

For your kindness, sincere gratitude for your care of S.H.

The service and support you and your staff gave us was exemplary.

Thank you once again.

J.H - 01/12/18

To all at APC Care.

You take caring to another level, I am so lucky to have you in my life.  Much love.  J.S. & Family

J.S - 01/12/18

Finally thanks again for your help as mum is getting much better, more so than we had hopped after her fall. More of the same please

M.B. - 15/10/18

Excellent CSW who care for me day in and day out.

Nothing is too much.

They all have patience and care.

Thank you and your team.

J.S - 02/08/18

Everyone on your team is being so wonderful – thank you so much. It means a lot at this difficult time.

Kind Regards

L.T. - 27/07/18

Dear VG

So pleased to say all your Carers are giving me excellent support without which I would not have been able to cope.
I am always pleased to see them, they are very polite and kind at all time.

Thank you


This is to let you and your team know that the transformation of my mum, A.B. is so great and without your help, I do not think that would have been possible.

Thank you and your team.

P.B. - 06/07/18

Dear Mrs Gardiner

We had a family visit on this Saturday and they were very impressed with the quality and reliability of the care, also personally I am very pleased with the service we have received during our time with CareMark.

Kind regards and many thanks.
P. M.

P.M. - 31/05/18

Thank you Mrs.G. & all at CMK EBW for an excellent service given and also getting all the medications organised and being delivered to our home within no time.

Thank you for all your CSW who visit us every day to support C.M. and myself.


P.M. - 23/04/18

We are very grateful for all your team support in making my mother very comfortable and we do not know what we would have done without your help.

Thank you for each and every one of you who have supported my mother and myself.

D.E. - 26/04/18

Just to say a big Thank you to all your CSW who give best and good standard of support.

They are all so good to me and I am very happy.

P.F. - 08/04/18

Dear Mrs G.

I would like to commend A.O. for her help, care & time for the trip to Eastbourne last Friday. A.O took my wife, C.M. in her own car with a wheelchair to the hospital, and was essential in support for C.M., in getting her to the department and then for the examination and X-ray, I think beyond just the call of duty.


P.M. - 07/04/18

This is to say what an excellent CSW (CH); mum had today.
She was so kind and amazing carer.

Thank you.

R.Q. - 04/04/18

My wife and I are very happy with all your support workers and thank you for the help given to us.

D.B. - 24/02/18

Mum is very happy and settled.

We have seen so much change in her thank you and your team who have made it happen.

W.F. - 02/02/18

Mum and Dad are very happy with your service and the ladies that attend, to look after them.


A.S. - 07/11/17

Excellent Care Support workers helping my parents and do not know what they would have done without you lot.

Thank you.

L.T. - 28/10/17

An excellent bunch of Carers, who visit me and look after me every day.

Thank you all.

F.T. - 08/09/17

Thank you for all your Carers who visit me.

They are very kind and helpful.

Could not have managed without them.

B.P. - 14/09/17

To Mrs.G and the Caremark Team.

Just like to say a big thank you for the care my grandmother received from your carers over the last 3 years. It was a challenging situation with myself living in Yorkshire, but it was nice to know that I could always rely on Caremark and nothing seemed too much trouble also if there was anything I needed to deal with then I knew I would get a call and between us a plan was put in place.

I also knew that if my grandmother was unwell then Caremark wouldn’t hesitate to call the doctors for her and take her to any appointments as required. This gave me peace of mind to know there was someone else looking after her welfare.

Kind regards

B.K. - 13/06/17

Just a note of thank you to two of your CSW Naomi and Claire. two lovely Carers who came to my rescue when I had a fall in Hailsham centre. got help and waited till they arrived.

Both showed care and looked after me.

Thank you.

Barbara - 30/03/17

Thank you for helping mum at her home.

All the Carers were excellent and special thank you to Jo and Sallie.

M.B. - 22/03/17

Thank you to the lovely Carer, S.M. for an excellent service and kindness, which has help me to recover fully after the op.

R.R. - 19/01/17

Could you please say a big thank you to all the lovely careers that looked after G.B. and he quietly looked forward to each visit 🙂

It was also reassuring for myself knowing he was well looked after and any concerns conveyed immediately either to myself or E.

Once again thank you to all the lovely girls that looked after G.B, especially Tracy, Alice and Amy.

H.W. - 20/01/17

Excellent care and support given to R.W.

Please give everyone my very best wishes and thank them again for all their care and concern for Richards well being. You all kept me sane !

F.H. - 20/01/17

Thank you Mrs.G.

I am so happy with all the carers who come in every day and evening. They are so lovely and caring.

Merry Christmas.

Mrs P.H. - 11/12/16

Thank you and your carers who take care of my wife.

They make her comfortable and take good care of her.

It has been such a joy to engage your company to take care of my wife.

Merry Christmas.

D.B. - 12/12/16

We are so pleased with all your Care Support Workers who come to assist my husband. We can see how different your carers are, totally professional and carryout the tasks effortlessly.

Thank you and your team. So glad that we found you.

Merry Christmas.

Mrs A.L. - 16/12/16

To say thank you for an excellent team of Carers who assist G.B.

You are one in a million.

E.B. - 11/11/16

To say thank you for an excellent team of Carers who assist G.B.

You are one in a million.

E.B. - 11/11/16

This is to say a big thank you to Caremark and carers who have helped me to get to the hospital and back in arranging it in that short time.

What an excellent service from start to finish.

Thank you.

B.K. - 19/10/16

Today our CSW SM supported and assisted one of our new service user.

Who had not been out in months and it was such a joy to see MR so happy in spite of having such a complex health problems.

MR was so thankful and said that he had never had such a good service before Caremark took over.

All in all what a successful day.

M.R. - 13/07/16

P.H. telephoned and said she likes all our carers and was very thankful for all the support she receives each day and says she would not know what she would do without them.

She also said a big thank you from her Cat. L.L.

P.H. - 16/06/16

J.P. telephoned and said that C.T. was such a good carer and she has been so helpfull and J.P. wanted me to know and also convey her best regards and thank you.

Further J.P. also said about M.S. to say she has got her Carer back which meant that she has the best carers ever and all the things were done to perfection.

J.P. - 23/06/16

Your Care support worker did an amazing thing, by encouraging my husband to take up the guitar and sing which he had not done so for so many years. It was such a joy to see that moment.

Thank you and your team

J.S. - 10/04/16

We are more grateful that we can express CSW help yesterday and her willingness to suspend her day to help him. The flowers are a very small token of our gratitude.

So we are even more grateful than usual that we have you and your team to rely on for uncle R. care.

F.H. - 14/04/16

Very pleased with the carers and the care calls delivered to Mrs.P.H. everything is working excellent and thank you to the office staff and the Carers who has made it all happen.

R.H. - 09/02/16

Mr. M.P. telephoned and has left a msg to say a big thank you for your CSW who walked a long way to cover the call this morning as there was a road closure due to accidents.

R.H. - 09/02/16


The Ladies who make it work.!

G.B. - 22/12/15

You all have been so very kind & understanding, thank you for that.

I wish you & your ladies a very Happy Christmas!

Speak with you soon.

Best wishes

B.H. - 22/12/15

Dear Caremark

Prompt action and help by the office staff and CSW made my gran safe in her home.

Thank you.

B.K. - 20/11/15

We are delighted with high standard of care that uncle R. receives.

He is treated with respect and encouraged to do what he can himself.

Very good Office and Care Staffs.

Thank you.

B.K. - 01/02/15

Wish you all happiness in your new offices.

Thank you all for your support and kindness.

D.N. - 06/10/15

Thank you very much for all your help with my mum.

We will keep in contacts.

G.L. - 01/10/15

Yes, KB is so much happier this week! I can’t believe the improvement in him, due partly to the lovely carers & partly to getting out (with the lovely carers!)
I met L.S. your Carer last night at K.B. and she seems really caring & lovely. She will certainly look after him very well.

I am so very grateful to you for taking KB on – just in this short week it has made such a difference to his mental & emotional wellbeing! And his flat is looking cleaner & tidier too!

I’m much happier to see him happier!

So thank you very much!

B.B. - 01/11/15

Mr P was very pleased to hear from D.H. He proceeded to tell me how pleased he was with the care he receives from Caremark and also how good our care support workers are.

He said the ladies are amazing especially the lady that comes in the morning. The carers are so efficient, charming and remarkable. It is a fantastic service.

M.P. - 31/07/15

I would like to say how pleased I have been with the service of Caremark and should the need ever arise in the future I would not hesitate to ask for your help again.

My thanks especially to BB, who was most kind and helpful.

Mrs M. - 02/04/15

My carer is very helpful and very caring and when I don’t feel so well, it is nice to get a phone call from the Care Coordinator to find out how I got on at my Doctors.

This service has never been before.

D.K. - 22/01/15

I am very happy with the care and attention given to my mother.

B.M. - 26/01/15

Excellent Team!

G.B. - 25/01/15

Our Support worker is brilliant one of the old school.

Anom - 01/02/15

Again thank you for all the care you give *****.

We would not be able to keep him at home if we did not have the help of your fabulous staff.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year Support worker is brilliant one of the old school.

F.H. - 22/12/14

Staff listen to you, they are always polite and friendly.”

“I get fantastic care I can’t fault them.”

“Everything is wonderful I am over the moon, I have been amazed by the way I’ve been looked after.”

CQC report

Everything is absolutely excellent, I have no problems at all”.

CQC report

The staff are well trained and know what they’re doing. They are kind and I have a good relationship them all”.

CQC report

I am delighted with the level of care and the staff provided, everything is absolutely excellent”

CQC report