Vyji Gardiner
Vyji GardinerManaging Director
At APC CARE our philosophy is simple: we are resolute in our belief that people should have the choice to remain independent and living in their own homes; we are determined to provide the highest quality home care that supports people who wish to remain living independently, and we are committed to valuing and developing all our staff who deliver that highest quality home care to all our customers.

We know that high quality home care makes an immeasurable difference to the lives of our customers: we are proud to be in a position to provide that care. Vyji’s background is in Economics and management. Having also worked in the public and private sector, Vyji’s drive is to improve the lives of others in a practical way that makes a real difference. Together Steve and Vyji own the business and provide hands-on caring management to every aspect, ensuring high standards of training and support to staff and excellent delivery of a personalised quality care service.

No matter what advances we have made (and will make) in medicine, there is nothing now, nor will there be anything, nor can there ever be anything to replace the very human experience of being cared for by someone kindly, compassionately and warmly.

I get to know all our care and support workers and I judge them by those three very basic human qualities. The equation is simple: you cannot care for another if you are incapable of kindness, compassion and warmth.

Kyle Haines
Kyle HainesCare Manager
Kyle Haines is a very experienced manager with a wealth of knowledge, skills and practice. He has managed various teams within the council; including community, residential and supported living services as well as more recently working in third sector services. He brings a vast array of experience, training and practical application to this role.

As a result of his many years within the care sector he has developed a holistic approach to supporting clients in order to bring the best outcomes for them. He is dedicated to bringing the best out of his staff in order to ensure that our clients receive the highest possible standard of care; but also to promote the idea of career development in dedicated staff.

Kyle is our Registered Care Manager has taken this opportunity to lead a progressive and dynamic team in delivering excellent care and support to our clients.

Alex Baughurst
Alex BaughurstDeputy Manager
Alex has over 20 years of experience in care Community some Elderly, Mental Health Clients – Alcoholics, Schizophrenics, Drug abusers, Depression. She works closely assisting the Manager with day to day running of the service Liaising with other Health professionals e.g., Social workers, OT’s, Crisis Team, GP’s, District nurses and ASC and CHC. Alex is working towards Level 5 Health and social care.
Sue McCormack
Sue McCormackCare Compliance Manager
Sue has extensive experience of the Care sector having held various senior supervisory and management roles in Domiciliary settings and Home care. Combined with care sector.

Sue has many years’ experience in working as Pharmacy technician. She is our compliance Manager, making sure all aspects of compliance is met at all times and we welcome Sue returning to our Management team. Sue is also working towards Level 5 in Health and social care.

Allison Underhill
Allison UnderhillTeam Leader
Nicole Clarke
Nicole ClarkeTeam Leader